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Lady Baltimore Floors is now offering the ultimate hardwood floor cleaning package to keep your hardwood floors in top condition. All products are available for immediate pickup at our showroom in Finksburg Maryland during regular business hours. Stop in today to pick up this fantastic hardwood floor cleaning product kit. If you are outside of the area we will ship all products below throughout the United States using UPS. Shipping and Handling fees will apply. Call today to place your order or CLICK HERE TO SHOP ONLINE

mop with cover

Sh-Mop Cleaning Kit - $32.95
(Handle, Head, Cloth, Quart of Cleaner,
and Sprayer)

covered mop with long  handle

mop with stretched cover

Sh-Mop - $24.95
(Handle, Head, and Cloth)

liquid floor cleaner - quart

Quart of Hardwood Floor Cleaner- $9.00

replacement mop cover

Refill Cloth-$4.95

liquid floor cleaner - gallon

Gallon of Hardwood Floor Cleaner-$16.95

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Sweep or vacuum before you clean your wood floor to remove any loose dirt.
  2. To spot clean, spray Lady Baltimore Hardwood Floor Cleaner on a sponge or dry towel, and wipe the surface clean.
  3. To clean entire floor, spray Lady Baltimore Hardwood Floor Cleaner on a terry cloth, micro fiber, or sponge mop and damp wipe in the direction of the grain.

Note: Do Not pour Lady Baltimore Floor Cleaner directly onto the wood floor.  Excess liquid on any wood floor may cause damage.  Do not use this product with any waxed-finished floors.
Ingredient: 2-Propanol (CAS # 67-63-0)